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Why choose the Pangea Biomedics?

The Pangea Biomedics has the most active program, with the greatest number of patients per month, compared to other ibogaine treatment centers. Our goal is to provide safe treatment in a comfortable, accessible environment, at a reasonable price. Our therapists have extensive experience administering ibogaine and are constantly present for treatment supervision.

Why is ibogaine more effective than an ultra rapid opiate detox (UROD)?

With ultra rapid detox, relapse is the rule rather than the exception. Ultra rapid detox does not help with drug cravings and does not treat psychological addiction. URODs are advertised as painless, however patients feel intense residual withdrawals because they are only put to sleep for a few hours. Ultra rapid detox can cost four times our price, and it is often dangerous and painful.

Why is ibogaine illegal in the United States?

Ibogaine was made illegal when it was classified in the same Schedule I category as LSD, psilocybin and mescaline in the 1960's. Despite promising results during clinical trials on humans in the US, there has not been nearly enough of the funding needed to get ibogaine approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Pharmaceutical companies are not interested in bringing it to the market due to the lack of monetary reward (profits) from ibogaine's sale or distribution. The single administration modality of ibogaine does not create a prospect for adequate and continuous revenue for pharmaceutical companies compared with methadone maintenance programs.

Does medical insurance cover this treatment?

No. Unfortunately, we have not seen any insurance company cover our treatment due to the fact that ibogaine is still classified as an experimental medication in Mexico. The cost of our treatment is $5500.

How does ibogaine provide insight into the users addictive behavior?

Ibogaine is an oneirophrenic (dream-creating) drug that activates the user’s long-term memory, bringing to the surface information from the unconscious and causing vast insight into one’s nature. Many therapists consider one ibogaine experience to be equal to years of talk or group therapy. Some patients describe their experience as being in a dream and watching a movie of their life. Other patients have described their experience as if they went into the file cabinets in their brain and reorganized them one by one. Ibogaine often allows someone to see perhaps their truer self, and to re-experience past events and repressed memories. The psychotherapeutic benefits of an ibogaine experience have served as a major breakthrough for many addicts who have previously lacked an understanding of themselves.

How does ibogaine reduce cravings?

Ibogaine breaks down in the liver and gut lining into a substance called nor-ibogaine. Nor-ibogaine continues to be active on a patient’s opiate receptors for several weeks to several months after a single dose. Clinical research has shown that nor-ibogaine reduces drug cravings, creating a window of time within which learn the skills necessary to remain clean from drugs.

Is ibogaine recognized in the medical field?

Yes, ibogaine has appeared in several prestigious publications and medical journals. Please visit our literature section. Clinical trials on humans were conducted at the University of Miami, and research has been done extensively at Syracuse University. Numerous universities around the world have contributed to the promising results from ibogaine research.



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