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Why Choose Ibogaine for Drug Detox?

Pangea Biomedics is a holistic ibogaine treatment center. Founded in 2002 as the Ibogaine Association by Martin Polanco, in 2006 it was purchased by and is now under the direction of Clare Wilkins, a former methadone patient who ended a 15 year battle with opiates using ibogaine. Over the past 4 years, we have developed a program which addresses the biochemical, psychological, and spiritual causes of addiction and disease combining techniques and therapies from western and naturopathic medicine.

Ibogaine is a powerful medicine and an incredible opportunity to interrupt addiction and significantly reduce most withdrawal symptoms while repairing brain function. However, as recovering addicts ourselves, we've discovered that reversing the damage caused by chronic addiction and depression is an enormous challenge which requires hard work, support and time. In light of the difficulty of this journey, we are committed to providing a safe, loving, and compassionate healing environment and to offering a broad spectrum of therapeutic tools to better ensure the success of each client's treatment.

Ibogaine - the most humane and efficient detox available.

"alleviating drug craving and diminishing the possibility for relapse..."

Pangea also offers aftercare treatment for those seeking more time to heal. Call our direct clinic line at 801-405-6823 for more information.

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